Top Health Benefits of Volleyball

Top Health Benefits of Volleyball
Top Health Benefits of Volleyball

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It is a fact that playing volleyball is definitely of great way in order to stay fit and healthy. It is also of great way in order to stay involved with social activities since it could be played along with single partner or with the entire team.

Some of the most common health benefits that playing volleyball could offer might include the following:

Top Health Benefits of Volleyball

Top Health Benefits of Volleyball
Top Health Benefits of Volleyball

Burns fat and calories

This is considered as one of the primary benefits of volleyball also known as an important component of weight loss or maintenance program. There is a fact that a person could burn between 90 up to 133 calories during half-hour game of the non-competitive or non-beach volleyball based on the weight and a competitive gym game of volleyball would burn calories from 120 to 178. And an hour-long game of volleyball on a less stable ground of sand could burn up to 480 calories.

Shapes and tones the body

Those physical activities that will be involved in playing the game volleyball would strengthen the upper body, shoulders and arms and also the muscles of the lower body. If you are to play volleyball it will also improve the respiratory and cardiovascular systems as well.

Increase metabolic rate

Playing volleyball would enhance the energy level and would improve the overall performance with some other sports or workouts.

Top Health Benefits of Volleyball

Volleyball is considered as about hand-eye coordination. Once you serve, you should follow the ball along with your eyes and would strike the ball within the right point. With regards to defense, you should react to where the ball is going and would get in position in order to make a play. During setting, your hand-eye coordination would help you see where the hitters are in order to make sure that you give them of great set.

Build balance, speed, coordination and agility

Because of the quick change of direction and pace, volleyball would place large number of demands with regards to physical and technical skills of the player. Once in the course of play, players would be required to pass, serve, set, attack, dig and block the ball. The said skills would need good balance, flexibility, upper and lower body strength as well as speed to be played effectively.

Healthy Heart

Through getting the heart rate up the body would circulate more blood as well as nutrients within the entire body therefore improving overall health.

Build muscular strength

Volleyball would need strong chest and also core muscles for every play. Once you pass, you are to mimic a squat and so you must use your legs in order to generate power. If you set, you are to use legs, arms and hands particularly the thighs. And once the ball is coming to you, there is a need to load the legs and arms and then push up. The hands should be strong in order prevent injury.

Increase aerobic ability

You might expend the same amount of energy playing easy and slow-paced game of volleyball for almost 20 minutes as you would once jogging a mile. And you would expend the same energy amount spent in jogging a mile through playing vigorous 12 minutes game of volleyball.

Improve interpersonal skills

Volleyball would need that teammates should work cooperatively and be at a fast pace as well. Leadership as well as cooperation skills and also practice handling losses or wins would definitely provide you with valuable characteristics which transfer into dealing with others in most other situations.

Boost moods and increase drive to succeed

Being in volleyball would improve the mood, reduce stress and might encourage pride in the accomplishments being a team member. It might as well improve self-confidence, body image, self-esteem and would make you feel a lot happier regarding life. If you engage with volleyball it could also improve motivation and also the ability to succeed.