Most Memorable Moments in Tennis

Most Memorable Moments in Tennis
Most Memorable Moments in Tennis

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Serena Williams for 2014 was to enjoy a year, but Garbine Muguruza suffer their worst defeat in a large, allowing him only four games in the second round at Roland Garros. Alize Cornet and put it then in the third round of Wimbledon his first nine years.

This was followed in double of her early retirement when hit by a mysterious virus, it was transferred to more than two double faults served a drunk in the park. And then he was killed in New York: the time of year for me. asked on the eve of his 18th major win, witlessly, that number meant to her. That means doing legal certain things. It also means legendary. And it does. And it is enigmatic and powerful new on top.

Most Memorable Moments in Tennis

Most Memorable Moments in Tennis
Most Memorable Moments in Tennis

Magic Sound Murray

My favorite long time song  2014 is the first series Andy Murray v Rafael Nadal in Rome. For about 40 minutes Murray won his magic back through the previous operation diluted in September. “Andy Murray is playing the best tennis clay that I have seen him play,” tweeted Chris Evert. For the first time since Wimbledon last summer to win, he felt comfortable on the court to make sure. It did not last long. Nadal again to win 2-4 in the third to make after Murray a late fee in order to reach the final of the ATP World Tour in November, only the dramatic decline in the last group match against Roger Federer has struggled.

Called Cry Baby

Federer was hit for the third time in his career to injuries to Finale Stanislas Wawrinka ATP Tour semifinal gripping known what happened at 5-5 and two points in the third, as Stan (the blew four points hanging party) I thought the referee, the was interrupted by a call to “crybaby” Federer box. The finger pointed to Mirka, super faithful wife of his friend.

Success in Switzerland

A week later, Federer crawled on the line in Lille, where perhaps Gael Monfils the game of his life playing in the second rubber of the final of the Davis Cup win. Federer and Wawrinka, combine friends again tie double to level on Saturday before Federer’s first victory in Switzerland in the competition after 85 previous attempts beat Richard Gasquet sealed in the first singles – Stan to get an early start of Champagne. “I’m drunk,” he said, shaking his head, as Roger deflected a difficult question for him. Stan Team led celebrations in the deep night.

Wawrinka battle with the big four

It was for a long time between drinks Wawrinka – at least metaphorically. When he beat Nadal to win ahead of his title at the Australian Open in January, seemed the beginning of the end for the four major likely. won Evidence from four different players majors. Unfortunately, another crisis has slowed progress Wawrinka. But Federer backhand alone Stan would have fit, as his is so good. Mirka could doubt.

Adolescent trauma Nadal

Who is the only world No. 1 lost two teenagers in a season? Nadal, surprising. In the time it took more the hot dog frontal winner early nick kyrgios Australia, ranked 144 in the hour and a wild card for the first time at Wimbledon, the baseline in the fourth game of the second set on the way to beating Nadal beat ( with an ace) in the fourth round. The last teenager to beat one No1 in general? Nadal is seen at Roland Garros in 2005 against popular  Federer. Kyrgios, still only 19, is 50-1 to win the Australian Open.

Cocky Coric presents naughty side

More crazy numbers for the other child embarrass Nadal. Croatian Borna Coric played the great man in three sets in the districts of Basel in October and showed a game to fit your mouth. If I play my best, yes, I am an intelligent game Djokovic, said later. If I do not do my best, I’m more like Murray. Even if Rafa was suffering from appendicitis, Coric fills a major gap in power and intelligence. Coric is the first time in 17 years the top 100 to plant since 2004 – “. Be Number 1 in the world” when Nadal and Gasquet arrival and ambition Coric-Kyrgios could be the next big announced have bet rivalry game Murray wants a piece of it.?.

Call goodbye Na

Li Na has left the sport in 2014 and lost its strange presence, and her husband patient and excellent tennis. Therefore, as with Marion Bartoli – the in 2013 after winning Wimbledon retired – the best player in the history of China will not be in Melbourne to defend his title in Australia in January. But I remember, unfortunately, his last chance at the big tennis: a double fault on match Barbora Zahlavova Strycova lost to the No. 1 court in the third round of Wimbledon. How strange it must his great career in the same tournament Bartoli end? Wimbledon is really the peak of the players, always.

A pain Wozniacki

The Northern Irishman was in town, play golf on the state border in Jersey, but not in Flushing Meadows seen. The Danes kept smiling all the way to the end and in the top 10 – and had enough energy in three hours and 26 minutes running the New York Marathon in his first attempt. There is both a time when many chains painful – although there was Serena a hug to give the finish line.

And finally

Sad to discover a moment that Neil Harman, The Times tennis correspondent, was fired for plagiarism. What one thinks of his series of failings in the annual Wimbledon – and no defense of the extent or severity of them – they deserve at least the sort of Christian sympathy that s would extend other – especially in this time of year.