Fafafa 2 Video Slot Free Play from Spadegaming

Fafafa 2 Video Slot Free Play from Spadegaming
Fafafa 2 Video Slot Free Play from Spadegaming

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Since there are a lot of Slot games to choose, you might be confused on what game to play. If you have the same problem, you do not need to worry since there is a Slot game that will be suitable for both old and new players which is Fafafa 2 video Slot free play from Spadegaming.

Fafafa 2 Video Slot Free Play from Spadegaming

Fafafa 2 Video Slot Free Play from Spadegaming
Fafafa 2 Video Slot Free Play from Spadegaming


Fafafa 2 is the Video Slot game so you can expect playing this game with amazing graphics and sound effects. When playing this Fafafa 2, you will be greeted with the Chinese-themed interface. The dominant color for this game is red with several Chinese characters to accompany you throughout the game.

This Fafafa 2 is actually a sequel from the earlier Fafafa Slot game from Spadegaming. Similar to the first Fafafa Slot game at best e-games & free bets site in Malaysia, this game also has the same concept and theme. However, the symbols and the payout of this Fafafa 2 are much more interesting compared to the first Fafafa Slot game.

This game is very suitable for new players since the interface is very friendly. The players can see the paytable at the left side of the screen near the game title. Below them, the players can see three reels of the game with different symbols. Then, at the bottom side of the screen, the players can see the detailed information of the bet and the buttons to operate the game.

Symbol Combinations

In playing Fafafa 2 Slot game, you will find several symbols that are related to the Chinese cultures like oranges, mahjong tiles with different numbers, gold, and 8, the lucky number. Each of the symbols has different payout when they are combined together.

This game is actually pretty tricky since it is very hard to combine the symbols together in one line since the symbols here do not easily fall in the middle. However, this thing is one of the reasons why this game is very interesting and challenging to play.


Unlike other video Slot games, you will not find different lines to bet on since you will only have one payline here. Then, there will be no bonus game to trigger here. Luckily, the players will have the chance to win bigger here by combining the Wild symbols together represented by the gold symbol. This Wild symbol gives the players a chance to win multipliers for up to X3.

To play the game, the players can make the bet ranging from 1 coin to 50 coins in one play. Besides, the players can adjust the bet denomination for up to 30.00. If you are lucky enough in winning this game, you will have a chance to win for up to 3000.

In playing this game, the players will be amazed at the concept of this Fafafa 2 video Slot free play from Spadegaming since it is very different from other Slot games. You do not need to worry since this game is worth playing and you will feel the different experience in playing it.