Best National Volleyball Teams

Best National Volleyball Teams
Best National Volleyball Teams

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Looking back at probably the greatest film to go in 1980, there were two things wrong with Top Gun. It was happened between Maverick and character of Kelly Mc Gillis and the second was to ride the game of volleyball. This film was claw lines, MiG-14 and F of the plot and decent romance before it was rare and previously called something stupid like “Bromance”.

Best National Volleyball Teams

Best National Volleyball Teams
Best National Volleyball Teams


This should not surprise anyone, but Italian women are among the finest in the world. Italy made a history of high ranking in international volleyball tournaments, winning many gold medals in the Mediterranean Games and a few World Cup. Captain Francesca Piccinini, Cristina Chirichella, Raphaela film among the beauties of the team and Francesca Ferretti is the undisputed leader in this category. The team is currently in fifth place ranking, according to the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), according to a fourth place at the World Cup in the year, 2014.

Dominican Republic

Back to America again, and we came to the Dominican Republic. They are relatively new to the elite in the world of volleyball, currently sixth in the FIVB. While they have won numerous regional competitions in the last two decades, the fame in the world is still to come. To look at some of the best athletes on the small island nation, find Brenda Castillo, Niverka Mars or Candida Arias to see.


Many German take to change a light bulb? In any case they have a great volleyball team in the investigation. Unfortunately, they have enjoyed success less and less, because essentially the show ran in the 1980s, while the united Germany economically well done and had in other areas of society, the limited success Volleyball made in the early 90s with a few third places WGP in 2002 and 2009, most of their players are blond, tall and beautiful; Maren Brinker and Margareta Kozuch are perfect examples of all three.


For North and South America, and Argentina is our number six. With regard to the historical success of the team, the right way, it is put that the golden age is coming. A ton of second and third place finishes in tournaments championship of South America and some bronzes Pan Am in place permanently, but escaped the success in each. His team is very nice. Lucia Fresco, Juliana Paula Nizetich Lazcano and captain among the best team members, but as is true for all the teams, the “average” are still quite large.


Historically, Japan one of the most decorated country in the sport of volleyball women. They have some Olympic with some world championships gold. All this happened before 1980, but in recent decades has been their success less abundant. But still they are a perennial contender and is currently fourth in the FIVB ranking. He finished seventh in the championship, we have to mention the 2014 world how attractive they are? Arisa Sato, Arisa Takada, Yuki Ishii and among the beauties of this team. Saori Kimura is another that. Also a big name for those who are familiar in the jargon of martial arts Although the name of a Armlock, is also a common Japanese name.


FIVB current number seventeen is the Netherlands, which start from the upper half of the list. In the history of the team, they have a single gold World Grand Prix and European Championship. Been XIII World Cup in 2014 and do not qualify for the Olympics since 1996. This means that most of his team could make a career in modeling. As for his appearance, Femke Stoltenborg, Robin De Kruijf, Myrthe Schoot and Manon flyers are precursors of this team.


Tied with the team of the Netherlands, Croatia is ranked number seventeen in the FIVB ranking. Overall, the team has little success had in its history, apart from some surfaces to make up in the European Championship in the 1990s, but apart from the traditional way, Croatia is a country of great women known they look. As such, his team is no exception, and is very easy on the eyes. Among the beauties Niko Jelic, Sanja Popovic and Marija Usic Bernarda Brcic.


While they were in the Soviet Union, who have won ten world championships and four Olympic gold medals. Like Russia, the continued success, because they have two world championships and two Olympic medals. Among the most important stunners team as it stands at the moment, Yana Shcherban, Aleksandra Pasynkova, Irina and Natalia Fetisova Malykh are all computer models. Currently, the number of September FIVB who finished fifth at the 2014 World Cup FIVB.


For those who upset the United States at the top of this list to see, I’m sorry, but the team is the number one by the FIVB and our list because they are killed amazing volleyball and if want to look good. They have the largest number of historic victories as some of the other teams on our list, but States have to win the World Championship last year, and some great prices and many medals to other regional events. Search for some or all of the following to see why states have the number here: Alisha Glass, Nicole Davis, Kristin Hildebrand, Jordan Larson, Nicole Fawcett, and Kimberly Hill. But even here the rest of the team is also pretty good looking and are large and the next month, until your legs’.