Accurate Tips When You Play Soccer O/E & Total Goal Betting

Accurate Tips When You Play Soccer O/E & Total Goal Betting
Accurate Tips When You Play Soccer O/E & Total Goal Betting

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Many people who do not really understand what is meant by Odd/Even (O/E) at The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site in Malaysia. This was due to the people who still lay with online football betting, then that term is still less familiar term. Basically Odd/Even is a term that means a count of the number of goals in the match is odd/even. In this soccer betting market, a draw match is not recognized terms, if the match ended in a draw, then it will be rated even and the bettor who bets even automatically will win the bet.

Accurate Tips When You Play Soccer O/E & Total Goal Betting

If you want to win a bet at Best online sports bookie website & Asia top free bets bookmaker using the Odd/Even betting market, then the bettor must understand the calculation of the benchmark scores in Odd/Even online football betting market. Here are a few examples of the benchmark score calculation you need to know when you want to place a bets using Odd/Even betting market.

0-0 or 0-2

Both are worth even. If any bettor who bets even, then automatically the bettor will be able to win the bet.

0-1 or 1-0

Both are worth odd, so if any bettor who bets odd, then automatically they will win.

Accurate Tips When You Play Soccer O/E & Total Goal Betting
Accurate Tips When You Play Soccer O/E & Total Goal Betting

In the Odd/Even betting market, you need fortune because it is not easy to predict the score, but before placing a bet, you should analyze and calculate first. Basically the Odd/Even betting market is similar with the other football betting market, because this betting market will be available when a bettor selecting a menu or live market early today on a column of the market. When bettors already chose the market menu, it will be instantly available a number of markets balls provided by the online football betting agency. From Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets, bettors could use the betting market to achieve their dreams.

On the menu of the market there are several sub-menus that exist in the market to see this Odd/Even, including:

  • TG and OE, this menu to see what kind of Odd/Even betting market as well as the total number of goals.
  • Odd even, this menu is used to predict the number of goals in a football match, for example like, whether the goals in a game Odd or Even.
  • Total goals, this menu to select the variation in the number of goals in a game or a football game.

In the Odd/Even betting market the term “voor” is not apply, because the calculations used in related with the number of goals in a football game.

Besides Odd/Even

There is another betting market that called Total Goal. The total goal is the overall number of goals. No longer a position 01, 10, 20, 11, etc, but based on how many goal count in that football match. Does not matter home or away team. Here we will describe so more clearly.

Total goal

To guess the number of goals in a football match. Once the whistle is blown at the end of the match then the benchmark is the number of goals that are created in that match. Calculated from goals created by both teams.

Each range has its own winning value without odds. In Total Goal betting market there is no term if the loser will lose more, while if he wins he will win more like a handicap market. The absence of odd value is because the probability of chance is already complicated enough.

The amount of winnings for total goals betting market is varies based on prediction by the bookies itself. Not all the teams that compete will have the same winnings value. The bookies already has a picture of certain team score.