5 of the Best Matches of Euros 2016

5 of the Best Matches of Euros 2016
5 of the Best Matches of Euros 2016

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The Euros of 2016 is finally approaching its climax and this tournament has been nothing short to spectacle as it has been a host some moments that will always live in the hearts of the fans and some moments where the fans were particularly devastated with the dreadful performance of their team. This Euro was a complete surprise package as there were 8 teams which have never qualified for the knockouts and were for the first time into the knockouts. Some giants failed miserably and the dark horses delivered according to the expectation. Here are the 5 best matches of the Euros that will love live in the heart of the fans.

5 of the Best Matches of Euros 2016

5 of the Best Matches of Euros 2016
5 of the Best Matches of Euros 2016

Croatia 2 vs Spain 1

This encounter really shocked the whole world as the Croatian team not only defeated the defending champions but ended their 14 match unbeaten run thus marking the end of a glorious era. Before the match no one estimated the outcome of this match will be so shocking and what is worth mentioning is that Croatia was without Luka Modric in the math their talisman, their leader and their player on which they depended a lot. That night was the night of Ivan Persic as his antics helped Croatia pip Spain for the second spot which opened the gates of the Knockout exit.

Iceland 2 vs Austria 1

This was the match that was filled with the emotions and was particularly a nervy encounter. Iceland were on the brinks of an historic qualification and could have easily qualified as the fixtures were in their favors but instead of relying on the other outcomes they relied on themselves and that was a mark of their true class. The same team that Ronaldo labeled as a small nation and said would not precede had piped Portugal for the second place. Everyone went wild   as Arnor Ingvi Trautason scored the winner in the injury time that will be the best moment of his life.

Portugal 3 vs Hungary 3

This match was one heck of a match Portugal had everything on the line after having two draws and a loss to Hungary could have eliminated them form the Euros. This match looked like Portugal’s but Hungary came in with a shocker as they completely outshone Portugal. That was a time that demanded a performance that will lift the team spirits high and then the Portugal’s superman came with a stunning performance bringing Portugal back every time Hungary went ahead and thus in process earned a valuable point for his team which made them qualify as the best third placed team.

Wales 3 vs Belgium 1

Wales’s were considered just a number before the start of the tournament but they came all over into the quarter finals where they were booked with the mighty Belgium blessed with a hugely talented squad. The Belgium team was clear favorites and it was believed that the Belgium team will ran rampant on the Wales but the match was a complete contrast where the brilliancy of Belgium couldn’t equalize the determination of Wales as the dragons eliminated the red devils even after falling behind in the initial moments of the match.

Iceland 2 vs England 1

No one can argue about this match being the best match of the tournament. The England team had looked brilliant and their squad was also in a fine form and even England considered them lucky that even after finishing second England didn’t competed with an strong team but the jubilant squad of Iceland had other plans as they defeated the three lions in an epic clash where the Iceland team was completely dominate and was one step above England.